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As you know, Rove has orchestrated a vicious mass media assault on Ambassador Joe Wilson and his wife, Valerie Plame, in order to distract enough public attention and create as much confusion as possible until the battle royale over Bush's choice of a replacement for Sandra Day O'Connor is made public and some of the heat on Rove dies down. Led by a pack of braying slime dogs like Long Island Congressman Peter King, ethically-challenged Senators like Frist and Hatch, and the whole GOP Echo Chamber from Limbaugh to Hannity to O'Reilly to the religionist so-called "preachers," people are just drowning in all their blatant lies repeated over and over and over until people start wondering if they could be true. They're not. No matter how many times you lie, no matter how loudly you lie, no matter how many of your cronies you get to repeat the lie, it is always a lie. Despite what Rove and his model Josef Goebbels may think. Still, wading through this swamp of Far Right propaganda repeated all day and all night on Fox, CNN and MSNBC, can be confusing. So aren't we lucky to have a couple of dedicated, hardworking bloggers who have answered Rove's spurious charges one after the other and shown his whole pathetic defense to be a ridiculous house of cards. What the Republicans sent out to their allies this week, "GOP Talking Points About That Karl Rove Flap," and accidentally got into the hands of John Byrne and his RawStory crew, is rebutted point by point below by the Left Coaster Blog:

TALKING POINT: Valerie Plame (Joseph Wilson's wife) was not covert.

FACT: She was ( and

TALKING POINT: Karl Rove did not leak Valerie Plame's name.

FACT: Please. Her name was not the secret (, her identity was (which is the issue here -- and he leaked that ( Also see and

TALKING POINT: Karl Rove was "not the leaker" (

FACT: Rove's attorney's statement and Cooper's email shows this claim is false ( Rove did leak Plame's identity. (Whether or not this is found to be prosecutable is another matter).
P.S. It's not like this is the first time Rove has been in the spotlight for leaking secrets (

TALKING POINT: Karl Rove has never lied about his role in this matter.

FACT: Yes, he has (

TALKING POINT: The White House has never lied or misled people about its role in this matter.

FACT: False (

TALKING POINT: Karl Rove never knew that Valerie Plame was covert.

FACT: Really? Then why not state this on the record, something Rove's attorney refuses to do (

TALKING POINT: Matt Cooper of Time magazine "burned" Rove.

FACT: Rove's lawyer, who made the above fake claim, himself has been expounding again and again about how Rove gave complete waivers to all his journalist contacts to testify (

TALKING POINT: Bob Novak used the word "operative" by accident and his sources did not say she was one.

FACT: This is false, after-the-fact spin from Novak (

TALKING POINT: Rove "was discouraging a reporter from writing a false story" based on Joe Wilson's "false premise" (that DCI Tenet or VP Cheney authorized his trip)

FACT: False ( Moreover, Joe Wilson did not make such a claim before Rove exposed Valerie Plame's identity (

TALKING POINT: The Senate Intelligence Committee said that Valerie Plame was the one who set up Joe Wilson's trip.

FACT: False ( and false ( (Also see here). (In fact, there is no consensus view that Valerie Plame even suggested that Wilson be sent on the trip --

TALKING POINT: The White House/GOP cannot comment on questions regarding Rove or his role because of the ongoing investigation.

FACT: False ( This is a completely bogus claim considering that they are talking behind the scenes ( or issuing false/misleading press releases ( -- also see and spreading fakery about Wilson (not to mention they felt free to comment self-servingly about the whole matter until the Rove story broke -- see and

TALKING POINT: Karl Rove is not a target of Fitzgerald's investigation.

FACT: He is a subject ( of the investigation.

TALKING POINT: The Butler Report etc. vindicated Bush's "uranium in Africa" State of the Union claim

FACT: False. The Butler Report was intended to exonerate Tony Blair and George Bush to prevent them from facing criminal charges. For obvious reasons, it excluded reams of information about Bush's claim that showed that the White House lied through its teeth in defending Bush's claim( (Indeed, as the link shows, people from the NSA, CIA etc. themselves stated that the SOTU claim did not have a sound backing.)

TALKING POINT: This is all just a partisan attack by Democrats (or Joseph Wilson)

FACT: False. The GOP leadership has a habit of minimizing numerous acts of treason from individuals inside the Bush administration over the last several years (, by smearing truth-tellers. This is just the latest episode among many. In private, even Republicans admit that this kind of nonsense would have resulted in Congressional hearings "in a second" (, if the President had been a Democrat. Not to mention the hypocrisy of Rove himself (

TALKING POINT: Even if Karl Rove leaked Valerie Plame's identity, it's no big deal and deserves a medal (

FACT: The GOP's Ed Gillespie ( and George Bush ( disagreed (with an emphasis on past tense '-d'). In fact, if it's so not a big deal, why all this intrigue about what the White House can or cannot comment on? Just tell the truth then rather than hiding behind reporters and smears of people who had nothing to do with the expose. (As for medals, it probably deserves a medal in prison, to define the "role model" for fellow prisoners at Gitmo - while eating rice pilaf in the process).

TALKING POINT: There was no legal crime committed with the Plame expose.

FACT: False ( and false ( So much for offering "a stiff dose of truth" instead of "more lectures, and legalisms, and carefully worded denials" ( and

TALKING POINT: Joseph Wilson supported John Kerry.

FACT: So? He also supported Republicans in the past (before they turned on him and his wife, treasonously) and was recognized by George Bush Sr. for his bravery against Saddam Hussein in Iraq - where he was ambassador before Gulf War I (

TALKING POINT: President Bush is committed to upholding the honor and dignity of his office.

FACT: For the umpteenth time, false (, false ( and false (


At 10:19 AM, Blogger 333 said...

Never before has the term “ righty-tighty, lefty-lucy” been so damned accurate. Suddenly it’s a showdown between the Righty-Tighties and the Lefty-Lucies over the Tom Delay debacle and the Jack Abramoff scandal that once again raped and pillaged, even pilfered what’s left of our Native American history in the United States. Now Karl Rove is trying to subvert the very essence of the War on Terrorism by using our National Intelligence agents as political tools of deceit. The message from the White House and the Bush administration has been, “What they can’t see will make them vote for me.” Of course there are a few other messages such as “if you aren’t white, you aren’t right,” and “Christians Americans for Jesus, all else be damned.”

What is my point? The Democrats, or the Lefty-Lucies, have been wasting their time whining, as usual, on TV about things that the American public doesn’t know how to comprehend. Its not that the American public is stupid on the whole, it’s just that they are being so ever bombarded by the Talking Points of America, no longer the Straight Talk express as so dubbed by the flagrant John McCain. With the far right in such demonical control of our National Broadcasting Airwaves, with people like Michael Savage, who in my educated opinion is in violation of decency standards every day that he is on the air, how can anyone think for themselves these days?

The Democrats need a marketer; a person who can throw you down on the ground and force you to verbally understand what the difference between Sean Hannity’s conspiracy theory of the day and the actual truth, is. We need no definition of is here. The democrats need someone who can appeal to your soul, your inner fighter, not the inner flighter (fleer), who by the way, has been in firm control of the Democratic party since well before Clinton left office. Eight years of the democratic rule apparently destroyed the backbone of the marketing genius and inspiring energy of the “IM GOING TO FIGHT THIS” mentality that followed FDR’s generation all the way to the Clinton White House. Where is the constant barrage of people on our TV Screens refuting these people’s lies? Where are the Lefty-Lucies when the going gets tough and they need someone to speak what they believe in instead of giving these wimpy one liner answers which make them look like the school yard pansy that gives his milk money to the bully every single day, even though it only keeps his eye as shiny black as the Uncle-Tom that used to kiss his Cotton-picking master’s ass during the slave days? The Lefties need to stop being so damned LUCY or its all going down the toilet and the only thing we’ll be left with is an artificial apocalypse whereby nuclear fallout turns us all into pillars of salt indeed!

At 6:48 PM, Blogger Club Meta Luna said...

Thank you very much for putting all of this evidence in one place. This was truly a public service.


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