Thursday, March 17, 2016

Ruby, We Hardly Knew Ye-- A Pictorial Look Back


Rubio got wiped out on Tuesday, not just wiped out but wiped out by the creature from the black lagoon and on his own turf. Cruel! At least Rubio won Miami-Dade, the county where he and his family live and where he started his pathetic little career. The other 66 Florida counties... Don Trump won every one of them. Rubio almost got a third of the vote in Orange County (Orlando) but even there, Trump beat him 41,097 (39.8%) to 31,850 (30.8%)-- and that was the best Rubio could muster in his own state outside of the county where he was so beloved-- if if he was once caught and arrested soliciting older men for blowjobs in Coconut Grove's Pickle Park.

Among Republican primary voters 62% of Cuban-Americans went for their Little Marco-- 18% went for Trump and 13% went for the Canadian. Among other Hispanics-- Colombians, Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, Venezuelans, etc-- Marco beat out Trump 40-38%. Marco lost every age group to Trump. Trump didn't just beat him among the poorly educated; he also beat him 42-29% among people with college degrees. Trump beat him at every income level and among people of every ideology. Even among Republican voters who want to legalize immigrants (53% of the GOP electorate) Trump bested him 36-35%. And, obviously, among the 38% of GOP voters who crave deportations, Don Trump beat him 63-16%... with Cruz and 18%. It was just sad for Little Marco. Dana Milbank wrote his political obituary in the Washington Post Wednesday morning, blaming Li'l Marco's demise on "bigoted demagogue" and stubby-fingered vulgarian, Don Trump. "These are not the best days for Rubio," he reported, "or for anybody who cares about American democracy. The 44-year-old made mistakes during his campaign: freezing in the New Hampshire debate, failing to take on Trump earlier, then finally attacking Trump by joking about genitalia."
Trump tore up the norms of decency that remained in American politics, and Rubio expressed puzzlement that it worked. “My whole life I’ve been told being humble is a virtue, and now being humble is a weakness and being vain and self-absorbed is somehow a virtue,” he said. “My whole life I’ve been told no matter how you feel about someone, you respect everyone because we are all children of the same God-- and now being respectful to one another is considered political correctness.”

Rubio voiced regret for his own role in the vulgarity, saying he “felt terrible” for joking about Trump’s penis size. Such remorse separates Rubio from Trump, who seems to have no shame as he blurts obscenities, delivers insults and winks at violence. “There are people, I know, who like this stuff because he says what they want to be able to say, [but] presidents can’t say whatever they want to say,” Rubio told the students, mentioning the harm to America’s reputation that Trump has already done. “We’re not a Third World country. We’re the United States of America.”
At least the "trash-talking rich guy from Queens" never went public with the info that Rubio used his bigger-than-Trump-sized penis to make some spare cash. I have to admit, I was waiting for the Republican presidential debate to turn to that. Trump isn't doing so well because he's brilliant; he's doing so well because the "Deep Bench" was just a collection of light-weights he had virtually no trouble rolling, Rubio being the easiest of all. Well, no-- maybe Jeb was easier. Or Lindsey Graham. Actually Rick Perry was pretty easy. And Fiorina... Trump knows how to treat women that makes him look strong (at least in the eyes of GOP yahoos down South where his victories propelled him into frontrunner status). 

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