Friday, January 20, 2012

DINO Patrick Murphy Gets Conservative Super PAC Love

Before Patrick Murphy changed his party affiliation...

Unless you live in Florida-- and have a really good memory-- you probably don't remember banker Bill Phillips, who self-financed a run for the U.S. Senate in 2004. Yesterday I got my hands on some interesting info about a new "pro-business" Super PAC he's starting that plans to pour between $1.5 and $2 million into some districts to help their own brand of Mitt Romney-type rich young businessmen get elected as "Democrats." Even more outrageous, the group is hijacking the English language to call these reactionaries "progressives." Pro-business means that they will support Big Business initiatives and policies that are anti-consumer, anti-worker and, more often than not, anti-investment. They're all about the 1% of Americans who the Republicans and conservative Democrats fight to protect and adamantly against the interests of ordinary working families.

The absurdity of that "progressive" description is beyond ridiculous, especially when each of the candidates the group is supporting is really just a DINO. As just one example, supposed "Democrat" Patrick Murphy in South Florida (the 22nd District, currently cursed with Allen West) is one of its key "finds." Murphy, who we already met last year, was a registered Republican until 2011 and even after that has still received multiple donations from GOP hot shots including Charlie Crist. Sometimes I fear he is just running in the race as a distraction so that the actual Democrat, and proven progressive, Lois Frankel, has a tougher time beating the delusional Allen West.

Meanwhile, it’s clear that Murphy is a conservative careerist eager for the next step on his path to glory. Like I just said, last year Murphy was a registered Republican writing checks for thousands of dollars to Republicans like Charlie Christ and Mitt Romney. Why would anyone want someone like this in Congress? Why would DCCC Chair Steve Israel even be playing footsie with him? Clearly, he would just be another vote for the toxic Blue Dog agenda and would never fight for what Democrats value.

Back to Phillips' ridiculous pro-business Super PAC, American Sunrise. Another early "find" for these clowns is Andrew Hughes, a conservative Seattle tax lawyer, who dropped out of the list the same day Phillips let the press know about his new operation. Phillips, who's worked for Bank of America, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney and Citigroup, is now president of Defero, a consulting firm. "We think there is a new generation of leaders ready to step forward and that there's some good opportunities for wins in three to five congressional races." Sure-- self-fancied "leaders" for the 1% with nothing "new" about them except their names and faces. Whoopie!

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  1. Barry Brenesal11:41 AM

    Good rant, Howie. Not the first time I've seen (or run into, for that matter) conservatives posing as progressives who tried to rope me in--even after giving me a good whiff of their slimy corporatist values.