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Patrick McHenry Poses As A Republican Square But He Lives A Far Racier Lifestyle Than North Carolina GOP Voters


Patrick McHenry got into Congress from an exurban district in western North Carolina and immediately declared himself the model of congressional conservatism who would define ideological purity for the whole GOP House caucus. He was elected class clown by the freshmen but managed to vote no on everything that could even remotely be seen as beneficial to working families. His career-long ProgressivePunch score is 1.36 and since Obama has been elected, his score is... yes, a zero (among 30 Republicans who have taken that "no on everything approach, like fellow lunatic fringe NC congressmember Virginia Foxx).

North Carolina's ideological twins may agree on every single vote but their sameness ends abruptly when it comes to lifestyle. Foxx's life's mission seems centered on a mania of hatred towards LGBT people. Since her earliest forays into politics she's identified herself as a "gay hater." McHenry may have a 100% anti-LGBT voting record but he is, albeit a closeted one, gay. And not just gay, closeted, homophobic, and utterly self-loathing but also mixed up in one of the most jaw-dropping gay congressional scandals of all time, something that makes Mark Foley's and Larry Craig's look like child's play. (We covered it in 2007 but it's been so covered up and papered over that it still amazes me that a triple Republican gay homicide/suicide involving a sitting U.S. congressman is almost totally unknown to the public. You should hit that link above to read the whole story.
The murdered gay Republicans include Ralph Reed's purported ex-lover, Ralph Gonzalez (former head of the rabidly homophobic Georgia Republican Party), David Abrami and McHenry guy-pal Robert Drake, the shooter. All three were found last week in a murder-suicide in an Orlando apartment. According to right-wing website, the North Carolina Conservative "All three men were active in Republican politics." They mention that Drake is "an associate" of McHenry's but don't define that. He is alleged to be an associate of quite a few younger men, some of whom are gay and some of whom are just gay-for-pay.
Gonzalez was an influential political consultant, who owned Strategum Group, and managed Congressman Tom Feeny’s 2002 campaign. The house was owned by Gonzalez; Abrami lived with Gonzalez. Newspapers and political websites have been abuzz with posts from friends and associates of Gonzalez, who speculate the motive for the murder-suicide as being a gay love triangle gone wrong.

...Another, more sinister motive has been put forth by several sources, including Reporters there say that Drake was associated with the owner of a gay escort service in the Virginia Beach area. The owners of that escort service are facing charges that they murdered the owner of a rival company catering to the gay community. A source for the Crime Blog reporter states:

“My solid, but unconfirmed, sources say that Drake was trying to hit Gonzalez up for cash to raise money to defend a kid (Harlow Cuadra) who is on trial for murder up in Pennsylvania. The 26 year old “kid” ran a gay escort and porn business in Virginia Beach and may have had several Republican clients–Drake being one. (See and . . My sources say Drake may have approached Gonzalez for funds for Cuadra’s defense, threatening to blow the lid off everything by MAKING THE REPUBLICAN CLIENT LIST OF THE GAY ESCORT BUSINESS PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE.”

Old news, even if it never made the news? Sure, but with three Republicans challenging McHenry from, believe it or not, the right, the sketchy details of the murders and the closeted lifestyle that McHenry has led are starting to circulate again. Just yesterday a very credible hard core conservative in Burke County, Dennis Benfield, asked what kind of trouble McHenry is in to be spending $3,000 a month of campaign contributions on a fancy DC law firm.
I have been accused of having a long-standing grudge against Congressman Patrick McHenry because he defeated my candidate in 2004. Baloney. The only reason I need to vote for someone else in the May 4 Republican primary is McHenry's unvarnished ineffectiveness.

This last week's news revealed the good congressman's real legacy in the 10th District-- the Hickory-Lenoir-Morganton metropolitan area had a 15.8 percent unemployment rate in January, highest of all 14 N.C. metropolitan statistical areas. Caldwell County saw its highest rate ever at 17.5 percent.

Tea-party folks have it right: "Throw all the bums out!" McHenry has been in Congress for almost six years and how's he done? He wants Ronald Reagan on the $50 bill! Amazing. Reagan himself wouldn't support that.

I challenge all you McHenry lovers out there to find just one bill where he led the fight (against those awful Democrats) that created even a single job in western North Carolina. Instead, he votes against Pell Grants that send poor kids to college-- legislation that has had bipartisan support since 1965.

And where was he during the health-care debate? Yes, he may have voted the right way, but you never heard his voice or saw his face in the media and I doubt he persuaded any "Blue Dog" Democrats to vote with the GOP.

He likes to take credit for bringing money here, but he's more successful scoring real-estate deals to make himself a millionaire. He likes his picture made with volunteer firefighters, deputies and first-responders, but, besides delivering their check, what does he do to help them qualify for those grants?

Meanwhile, he spends $3,000 a month from campaign funds to retain a Washington law firm. Why? What trouble is he in?

And he meddles in local Republican primaries where he shouldn't.

McHenry is part of the problem, not the solution.

There are three other Republicans running against him this spring. We are absolute fools, as a party, to keep sending this self-serving professional politician back to Congress.

Now, what about that photo above and this photo down here? Up top is McHenry frolicking with the fabulous Jackie Sullens, a GOP lesbian political activist in Gaston County and down here McHenry's having a good old time with Jackie and her housemate Ann LaFarr. What would Virginia Foxx say? Well, North Carolina Republicans haven't been terribly thrilled about these photos since they first surfaced in 2008. In fact, Virginia Foxx type Republicans were appalled:
The best part about these photos (other than the fact that McHenry is grabbing Sullens’ breasts in the second photo) is that Jackie Sullens is an open Lesbian. Not only does Sullens work for the GOP as the Gaston County Republican Women’s newsletter lady, but she openly lives with another woman, whom she is in a lesbian relationship with.

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At 4:03 PM, Anonymous me said...

"immediately declared himself the model of congressional conservatism"

At least he's telling the truth about something.

At 9:13 AM, Blogger ordinaryperson said...

Republicans are in denial! Read this right-wing NC blog post about McHenry's living arrangements with a young staffer here and although the rest of the Aaron Michael Lay fiasco is definitely a scandal, what about living in different houses all over the southeast with a college kid you ply with alcohol?

Seem like a pattern to anyone else?


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