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A couple years ago I was in DC, a city I had hoped to not return to before the vile usurper was removed from the White House. But I was there for an important Board of Directors meeting for a large national civil rights organization I'm part of. After the 2-day business meeting was adjourned there was an informal political briefing and discussion. Every issue and strategy involved in the upcoming 2004 elections was brought up and examined. Except one. I raised my hand and asked how any of this mattered at all if the Republicans would just steal the election again electronically with the aid of their Diebold collaborators. An uncomfortable question for Democrats; and is there an answer? There still hasn't been-- certainly not in the uber-corrupt one-party states like Ohio and Florida, where Republicans ruthlessly control all branches of government and where there are no checks, no balances whatsoever. And nationally... well, it's pretty much the same story. Sometimes I wonder if California, as true blue a state as you could want, get away from these fascists (corporate and otherwise) and their crazy right-wing religionist nut allies, mired in fear, darkness and superstition. Just a dream; we're stuck with Mississippi, Alabama, even Utah, for eternity. We either make them better or they make us worse.

Have you ever heard of Bruce McPherson? Even Californians haven't-- and he's our Secretary of State. How could we have not heard of him? Simple: another little GOP extra-electoral coup. The elected Secretary of State, Kevin Shelley was unceremoniously run out of town on a rail because one of his staffers had the taint of corruption about one-one millionth as strong as the taint of corruption of any Republican congressman in America, allowing Schwarzenegger to appoint a partisan GOP hack, McPherson. So who cares? What does the Secretary of State do, anyway? Take notes at meetings? Well, remember Katherine Harris, Secretary of State of Florida in 2000 and Kenneth Blackwell, Secretary of State in Ohio in 2004? Yeah, those two treasonous villains who, respectively, stole the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections for BushCheney with the use of electronic voting fraud. But this is California, not Florida or Ohio or Nebraska. It couldn't happen here. Right?

It just did. On Friday night, after the close of business hours, at the start of a 3-day weekend, Schwarzenegger's unelected right-wing scumbag of a Secretary of State (who, of course, makes a point of portraying himself as a "moderate") certified easily hackable-- and widely discredited--Diebold voting machines for California elections. This could be the end of democracy in our state. Really. There's now no way to know if a vote was counted fairly and every time that happens... Republicans get "elected."

The Diebold machines had been prohibited from being used in California 2 years ago because of the endemic corruption involved with their use in other states. McPherson's sneaky end-run to destroy fair elections in the state of California was done despite the Independent Testing Authority lab's finding that the exact same machine re-certified for use in California was easily tampered with in Florida and that has many as one-third of all the Diebold machines tested were flawed.

Debra Bowen, a much-admired and well-respected State Senator from Redondo Beach has decided to run against McPherson in November. Following his re-certification of the Republican vote counting machines Friday night she released the following press release.

Under a barrage of right-wing propaganda, Californians grew tired of our imperfect middle-of-the-road governor Gray Davis and recalled him, replacing him with the less grey, more charismatic action hero movie star, Herr Scharzenegger. If ever there was a time for a recall, it is NOW. McPherson should be removed from office at once and the office should be left open, with its functions run by a political, non-partisan staff overseen by a panel of judges, until the citizens of California can actually elect-- fairly elect-- a real Secretary of State.

Bowen understands what Josef Stalin and Republican operatives absorbed with their first breaths: it doesn't matter who votes; it only matters who counts the votes. All Americans need to understand why that's not just important, but crucial for our national survival.


At 8:21 PM, Blogger RJB said...

It's the 21st Century. If you are going to steal elections, you need to use technology.

Stuffing ballot boxes, registering the dead, paying drunks and busing in the dementia ward is so 20th Century.

The butterfly ballot and hanging chads are so 2000.

Diebold machines will insure that our glorious leaders will gain the overwhelming approval of the people they need to move our great nation forward.

At 9:35 AM, Anonymous Phil Slade said...

Do me a favor and check on one crucial fact. How many voting-machine companies are publicly traded? If there is so much as one that is publicly traded, how come no ultra-rich liberals or independents or libertarian conservatives are getting together, putting their money where there mouths are, and mounting a hostile take-over?

At 9:49 AM, Anonymous kharma said...

The penalty for election fraud should be life.

At 10:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This info is dead on and I'm glad to finally find someone else who is worried about these electronic voting machines. All one has to do is view the Ohio State Legislatures Hearings on Voting Fraud, to understand that with regards to computers, anything is possible, and there is someone who knows how to do it. There is no way I as a computer programer I will trust any electronic voting machine, that doesn't have a paper receipt. Period. And anyone that would should be stripped of their citizenship and dumped in the Pacific! Sorry I'm tired of all these uneducated, unaware, sheep that are allowing the complete take over of our Republic.

At 11:23 AM, Blogger Lorika said...

I agree comepletely with your post. I have been harping on this for, oh I guess it's been years now, and I can't believe that paper receipts doesn't have more traction. DOn't people care about their voice in democracy anymore???

We still have paper ballots in MN for the time being, though they are initially counted electronically. If they ever try to get no paper trail machines here, I will fight it tooth and nail. We also have a pretty backwards Sec. of State - what's up with that? Seems like the repubs have been trying to fill Sec. of State offices all across the country with their lapdogs for a while. Hmmmmmm.

At 1:50 PM, Blogger Nittacci said...

Phil Slade,
You can't be serious. Do you propose that liberal groups buy their own voting machine company so we can have a battle over whose crooked voting machines we use?

How about we just take the voting machine business out of the hands of corporate interests? If it's done with proper non-political judicial oversight and transparency, there's no reason we can't continue to use paper ballots or at least have machines that use paper trails.

At 7:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Diebold is the lightning rod being used to distract from the real technology that is stealing elections. Companies that provide software and database management to state voting registrars are the ones 'who count the votes' like Stalin says. I don't know anything specific, but in Georgia, the test lab for Voting ID and 21st Century poll taxing, a Company called Tridia provides software called iTivity to the State for use by Voting Registrars there. It enables 'remote control' of systems...McPherson must go I agree, but Arnold and his Gang have their eyes on a bigger prize and will not be stopped.

At 6:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Debra Bowen won the primary election, and now needs help in defeating McPherson.

Check out


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